Don't pay the Google stupidity tax.

I’ve audited several AdWords accounts recently. The same couple of mistakes kept cropping up. These mistakes cause people to pay the Google stupidity tax. That’s the money too many people waste on AdWords because they’ve done something wrong in the campaign setup or the way it’s run.

It’s unnecessary and doesn’t do anyone any good. (Not even Google.)

I’d like to show you how to find these mistakes in your AdWords account and how to fix them. I’ll be doing that in a free AdWords clinic on Monday the 26th of June 2017.

The clinic will start at 19:00 British summer time. That's 20:00 in South African time. You can check the time in your time zone here.,360,cn3

You’ll need a computer with internet and speakers or headphones to take part.

Reserve your seat using the form below. Seats are limited.

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