5 ways to increase AdWords impressions.

Need more AdWords impressions? Here are 5 things you can do to get your ads seen by more people.

  1. Use broad match or broad match modified keywords. Don't forget to monitor the search terms list (you'll find it under 'Keywords' in your AdWords account) and use negative keywords to stop your ads showing for the wrong kind of searches.
  2. Add extra keywords to your campaign. The search terms list is a goldmine of possible search terms. Try popping your URL into the Keyword planner to get some other ideas.
  3. Try automatic bidding: maximise clicks. Letting Google set your bids might seem risky but my experience with this has been that Google does at least as good a job as a human manager and in some cases they do better. As long as you monitor it closely you're not going to get runaway costs.
  4. Test a significantly higher daily budget for a couple of days. Combine this with automatic bidding and you can get a feel for what is possible. You can always double or triple the budget for a few days and then pause the campaign for a few days afterwards to keep your monthly spend the same.
  5. Advertise on the display network. The display network will give you greater reach than just advertising on the search network but you should monitor the cost per conversion closely. In some cases you might find that the cost per conversion from display network clicks is significantly higher than from the search network.

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