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Recordings of past clinics.

4 September 2017

  1. How do you write high converting adverts?
  2. How do you change the email address on your AdWords account?
  3. How do you use the search terms tab to add keyword to your campaign?
  4. Audience questions (changing adverts in MarketingMotor, keyword research for a funeral campaign)

7 August 2017

  1. How to stop Google showing your ads to the wrong people.
  2. Why online quote forms convert so badly.
  3. What are callouts?
  4. Why do you have so many ad groups? How many keywords and ads do you have in each ad group?

10 July 2017.

  1. Welcome and housekeeping.
  2. How long should it take from the time I start a campaign till I see some results?
  3. Google debits my account but never sends an invoice to explain how the amount is made up. Is there some way I can get a breakdown of the individual campaign costs?
  4. Google often suggests adding keywords to an existing campaign. Is this a good idea (and does it mess with the MarketingMotor “template”)?
  5. Google tells us how many impressions and how many clicks per keyword. Is there any way of finding out who clicked but did not fill in the form?
  6. Can you run through the options available in Google and why we should or should not play with them?
  7. Is it possible to know when your budget for the day is reached?
  8. Further discussion on how long it takes to see results from AdWords.

26 June 2017.

  1. Welcome and housekeeping.
  2. AdWords mistake - showing your ads to the wrong people.
  3. AdWords mistake - flying blind.
  4. Audience questions.Finding the actual search terms that people used to find your website. How to decide which keywords to use. How much to budget for an AdWords campaign.

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