Building Google Ads campaigns.

3 things you must do before you advertise on top of funnel keywords.
Top of funnel keywords can be cheaper to advertise on. But there are 3 things you must do before you enable them.
How many keywords should I have in an ad group?
Grouping keywords into ad groups trips people up. This is one of the most confusing parts of building your first AdWords campaign. Getting it right almost always leads to higher CTR , better QS and a lower cost per click.
How to build a pilot campaign.
I know nothing when I take on a new client who’s never used Google Ads for lead generation. The only way to know for sure if Google Ads will work and if the relationship with the client will be comfortable is to test it. Here's how...
Rules for Writing Google AdWords Expanded Text Adverts
Here are the rules we use for writing Google AdWords expanded text ads at MarketingMotor. Feel free to copy them.
Writing Callout Extensions
Coming up with callout extensions has always been hard. No more...