What makes a good keyword?

The word or phrase that a searcher types into Google is called a keyword in Google talk, even if it is made up of more than one word.

A good keyword tells you what the searcher is after. The more certain you can be about what the searcher wants, the better chance you have of showing them an advert that offers to solve their problem. Adverts that understand the searcher's problem and offer an answer get clicked.

Take a quick look at these keywords:

  • airconditioner: this could mean just about anything related to airconditioning. Buying, hiring, repairs, parts, spares, sizing calculations, reviews etc. It's a poor keyword.
  • airconditioner repair: this is getting warmer.
  • airconditioner repair cape town: a city name is a great clue. Someone including a location is often close to buying.
  • emergency airconditioner repair cape town: the searcher's intent is crystal clear. We can show the searcher a relevant advert and expect a high click through rate and good page conversion rate.

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What makes a good keyword?

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