Can you market a home services company using PPC?

I answered this question on Quora. Saving my answer here.

I’m the owner of a flood and mold restoration company, so when houses get flooded we dry it out to prevent mold growth, or if they already have mold we remove it. It doesn’t have to be in the same industry, i just want to see if PPC worked well for any small service companies out there.

My answer.

My firm does Google AdWords for a number of small home service businesses in similar fields: pest control, plumbing, electrical certification etc. AdWords can work well for these kinds of businesses under the following conditions:

  • There are enough people using Google in the area that the business can service.
  • There aren’t too many competitors advertising. Usually it’s fine if there are a bunch of small local players advertising because for the most part they’re not very good at AdWords - especially if they’re doing it themselves or using their local jack-of-all-trades web designer. If there are some big nationwide operators or franchises advertising on Google it can be more difficult as they tend to drive the advertising costs up.
  • The business can respond quickly by phone. I’ve seen great PPC campaigns tank because the person getting the sales leads was too busy to pick up the phone. If you wait till the end of the day to call (or worse email) people you’ve lost the business.

I published a case study on the work we did for the electrical compliance inspector. In his country every house has to have an electrical check when it’s sold. Although it’s not exactly the same as your business, the marketing approach would be similar. You can grab a copy of the case study here: How we found hundreds of new clients for an electrical compliance inspector using Google AdWords.

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