Did you use the Yellow Pages this week?

Norman didn't either. He told me that his regular Yellow Pages sales rep was almost in tears after their last meeting. Norman cancelled his R300 000/year Yellow Pages advertising contract.

He sells to mines and factories all over the country. He's been advertising in several categories in each regional edition of the Yellow Pages for the last 10 years. That's great business for the Yellow Pages. And for a long time it was great business for Norman too.

But things have changed. Those ads were just not generating the same sales they used to. He tells me that the buyers he meets with look younger every day. They have computers and fancy cell-phones on their desks. They're asking Google first.

He's been using our MarketingMotor Google AdWords program for about 3 years. He dipped his toe in with just one site and now he's got his entire inventory advertised online. And, it's working.

Do you sell something that you might have once advertised in the Yellow Pages?

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