Our happiest MarketingMotor clients do one thing in common. They phone the sales prospects we send them instead of making first contact by email. I’m not going to tell you (again) to pick up the phone. Instead I'd like to tell you about a problem we had and how we solved it. You might find it useful. The problem: sometimes the person enquiring doesn't give their phone number. The typical approach is to make the phone number field compulsory. You've seen forms like this. I don't like it. The more questions you force people to answer the fewer of them fill in your contact form. We’d rather have an enquiry with just an email address than no enquiry at all. phone-required I thought about putting some text on the form telling people why we wanted their number but it made the form look cluttered. It was in the way of most people because most people did give their phone numbers. form-with-long-phone number lable I could have waited till they hit the button and then asked with a pop up or something but I didn't want to get in the way of the enquiry. Also fancy technical solutions don't always work predictably on older phones or slow internet. Instead I went for a much simpler approach. You’re welcome to use it. The form works the same way it always has after the person hits the button. That way we've secured their enquiry. But, if there is no phone number we show a page with a phone number form on it instead of the usual thank you page. phone-form If they fill in the phone number this time we update the enquiry and send them back to the usual thank you page. It's hardly rocket surgery and it only took a couple of hours to build but it's already paying it's way.

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