Two businesses in the same industry. Both get sales enquiries from their websites. One converts 5% of website leads into sales. The other converts 60%. What’s the difference?

I used Google AdWords to find sales enquiries for a lawyer. We targeted people wanting a pre-nup contract. That's the contract some couples sign before marrying.

The campaign was cooking! We got loads of enquiries.

Three months later he cancelled. He'd only converted 5% of the enquiries into sales. He couldn't justify the cost of advertising at such a low closing rate.

I didn’t want to dump a great AdWords campaign. So I called a guy I knew from playing volleyball at university. He'd studied law and had recently set up his own legal practice.

His wife Melissa handled the admin. She got the job of dealing with the website leads.

It took her about a month to get into the flow. After that her closing rate went up to 60%. 3 of every 5 website enquiries turned into a deal. She didn't stop at a pre-nup, she always suggested that the couple set up wills too. That tripled the value of each sale.

Why did Melissa make sales but the first lawyer didn't?

There was no real difference in the product. A pre-nup for a young couple is mostly boilerplate.

They weren't any cheaper than the first lawyer so it wasn't that.

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