My Google AdWords adverts are not showing.

The first thing to do is to check that your ads are actually not showing. You might search Google and not see your own advert. This does not mean that your ads are not showing at all.

There are a number of reasons why your ads might be showing to other people but you might not see them:

  • You are outside the area you asked Google to target.
  • The ad isn’t scheduled to be shown at the time you’ve searched.
  • Your bid/quality score combination is too low and so Google isn’t showing your ad in response to this search.
  • Your daily budget has been spent and so your ads are not showing right now.
  • Google decided not to show your advert to you for reasons of their own.
  • etc

Lets get started diagnosing the problem.

  1. Log into your AdWords account.
  2. Click on the ‘campaigns’ link right at the top of the screen.
  3. Set the date range at the top of the page to ‘All time’.
  4. Now look at the Impressions column. It’s labeled ‘Impr.’ in my screenshot below.

If impressions = 0. Your ads have never shown.

Here are some possible reasons why:

  • You have no payment method set up.
  • The campaign, ad groups, keywords or adverts have been paused.
  • The campaign or site has been suspended.
  • The keywords chosen are searched so few times that they’ve never triggered an ad.
  • The bids or budget has been set so low that the ads never show.
  • etc...

If impressions > 0. Your ads have shown in the past.

Change the date range to ‘Yesterday’ or to ’Today’. Are impressions > 0? If so, then your ads have been shown recently.

In either case you can get more details by checking the advert status and reasons.

You can check each advert to see if it is showing and get more details why it might not be showing by clicking on the ‘Ads’ tab and then hovering your mouse over the text bubble icon next to the status as shown in the screenshot below.

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