When is the best time to show PPC ads?

Question asked on Quora. Saving my answer here.

Your market’s buying patterns can be used to guide the best time to show your ads.

Consider these examples.

I have a client who repairs automatic driveway gates. He told me that people notice that their gates are broken when they leave for work in the morning or when they get home from work in the afternoon. We get really good conversion rates at those times because the buyer is faced with an emergency.

I have a client who does software training for individuals and businesses. The business enquiries are better because they’re usually less cost-conscious and are often for several people. Most business enquiries come in during working hours. Most of the enquiries in the evening are from individuals.

I have another client who hires out motorcycles to people who want to ride a Harley through the best bits of Africa. In his case he gets his best conversions in the evening and on weekends.

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