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Is your AdWords running at 100%?

Are you worried that it might be underperforming? Perhaps you've neglected your AdWords account. Maybe it used to do better but now it’s costing more and delivering less. Maybe you’re behind on some updates or not confident that everything is as it should be.

Give me $400 and I’ll find at least $800 savings in your AdWords account.

I'll pore over your AdWords account looking for things that are costing more than they should and searching for openings to get more value from the money you're already paying Google. If I can't find savings or improvements worth at least double your investment you don't have to pay.

Spend less, get more leads.

If you’re using AdWords for lead generation I'm a good fit.

I've invested more than 20 000 hours in using AdWords for lead generation. I’ve built campaigns and tools that have generated almost 1 000 000 sales leads from AdWords. I can spot mistakes and opportunities in lead generation campaigns. I can't offer the same skill or experience for ecommerce or brand building campaigns. If you're doing ecommerce or brand advertising we're probably not a good fit for each other.

How it works.

1. Preliminary evaluation. I’ll start with a preliminary evaluation to make sure I can help reduce costs or increase sales leads. If there isn’t opportunity for my skills to improve your AdWords account I’ll let you know and that will be the end of it. There will be no charge.

2. Audit. The aim of the audit is to find 5 to 10 things you can do to that'll either reduce costs or increase sales leads.

I'll be looking for the low-hanging fruit. Things that'll give you the most improvement for the least cost and effort.

There might be a lot more changes you could make but 5 - 10 is about the right number to tackle at one time. It's a good balance between the cost of doing the audit, the cost (or time) to make the changes and the value you'll get from the changes.

3. Report back. We'll meet online using Zoom. It'll let us talk and share screens. This will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

I’ll go through each suggested change. There will be time for questions to make sure you've understood everything that you need to do.

You can invite anyone else who needs to be at the meeting to join us.

I’ll record the meeting and give you a copy of the recording so you can refer to it if needed.

Ready to get started?

Pop me an email ( and I'll get right back to you.

I particularly enjoyed the time spent on the workings of adwords and how to extract that extra information available.
Your style is relaxed and not condescending even when you are explaining the basics. This makes it easier to ask questions I don't know the answer to without feeling totally useless.

 - Keith Millington

Need some help with this?

I offer 1-to-1 mentoring and consulting. You’ll get help, advice, support and answers without having to commit to a long-term contract. Details here.

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