Improve conversion rates by adding extra calls to action.

I love working on ways to increase the number of people who fill in the enquiry form on one of the MarketingMotor lead generation websites. I enjoy this so much that I've spent more than 1 000 hours on it over the last few years.

The happy result: MarketingMotor lead generation sites are amongst the best in the world at turning clicks into sales leads.

I can't claim all the credit. I study what other people are doing and testing and borrow their best results.

Jakub Linowski inspired the change I'm telling you about today. He has a very rigorous approach to A/B testing websites and is generous enough to share the results.

He found a significant increase in conversions by adding more call's to action. (

(A conversion is when a website visitor does something. A call to action is geekspeak for asking them to do it.)

I implemented this by adding a large button near the bottom of the site. It says "Contact us now for fast service." Anyone clicking on it gets taken from the bottom of the page back up to the enquiry form.

The thinking behind this is that anyone who's read to the end of the page will be wondering what to do next. I'd really like them to fill in that form so you can start the sales process so we ask them to do just that.

The screenshot below is from a typical high-converting landing page. By the time you've scrolled to the bottom of the page you can't see the form anymore. The new blue button at the bottom takes you back to the top of the form.

HTML code to do this on your site

Put this code at the top of your contact form.

<a name="form"></a>

If your contact form is on the same page as your call to action it looks like this.

<a href="#form">Contact us now for fast service.</a>

If your contact form is on a different page you need to put that page URL into the href where I've put

<a href="">Contact us now for fast service.</a>

Obviously you should change the words to suit your business.

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